Designer Kolja Annussek Sets His Eyes On The Stars, Bringing His Second Collection To Los Angeles

Hailing from Germany, up and coming designer Kolja Annussek sets his eyes on the stars. His story is one of inspired creative work that has put him on track to be streetwears’ most desired brand of the season. Kolja’s humble beginnings in the finance industry gave him an edge for business savvy, but it was inevitably the influence of American culture that drove him to venture into clothing design. While it’s been a heartfelt journey leading up to the debut of Collection Two, Kolja is eager now more than ever to share his latest garments with the world, and cement his place in the world of urban style.

Beginning with a limited release of 6 luxury T-shirt designs in 2021, the Kolja Annussek line was born. With a simplistic approach to the collection as a whole, the black and white color scheme adorned ultra soft and sturdy premium cotton shirts, with embroidered grade 1 python patches. After an  incredibly successful collection debut, Kolja went back to the drawing board for Season 2. Building on the luxe Americana street style vibe, new garment designs and silhouettes were added to the linesheet, including sweatshirts and trousers. The introduction of full leather clothing items, plus pops of color on the embroidery work prove the evolution of the collection design while staying true to the origins of the brand. Although the Kolja Annussek collection has a distinct personality of its own, it has been compared to the likes of the Amiri brand which is based in Los Angeles. Sharing an ultra-cool contemporary style and quality that runs deep, we anticipate Kolja Annussek to become a household name on the West coast too, in given time.

Fashion Designer Kolja Annussek in LA Weekly

When asked what his goal is for his eponymous line, Kolja alludes to creating a timeless brand – for his pieces to resonate with connoisseurs of cool, whether they are as young as grade school, or old enough to be grandparents. After all, style has no age limits and Kolja is set to prove that with his latest release. The sheer quality of each garment speaks for itself, and will certainly stand the test of time. Beyond that, the designs of his collection can appeal whether on the streets of Los Angeles, New York, Milan, Paris or even Tokyo.


As a fashion designer, Kolja is inspired by the likes of Jeff Hamilton, whom he met with on a recent trip to Los Angeles. He shares that it is not only the incredible garments and humble personality, but the passion and spirit Jeff has which have made him an icon in American culture, that inspires him. Having the opportunity to collaborate with America’s most elite professional sporting teams and design bespoke garments for its players and celebrities alike are goals Kolja Annussek sees coming to fruition in due time.

A new force in the fashion world, the cutting edge designs of Kolja’s latest collection speak volumes to the future of fashion. The designer’s mentality when it comes to production was and still is quality over quantity. His collection is curated enough to have a distinct focus while embracing the details of each product style. One of the literal interpretations of American culture is translated into Kolja’s luxury Jersey and hoodie references, with football jersey inspired hoodie that comes in a full leather as well as cotton version version with  big, bold, embroidered block numbers front & center, and the option to personalize the back with the customer’s name. Offering this bespoke service is a way for Kolja to go beyond the ordinary, creating even more of a connection with the clothing itself.

Whether it’s in the front row of the next NBA or NFL game, or on a street crossing in Paris, we’re sure you will see Kolja Annussek styled on the streets very soon, if you know what to look for. Although the branding is subtle enough to be unassuming, Collection 2 makes a statement of confidence, good taste, and a mentality of eagerness to take on what life throws at you. Stay tuned for the debut of Collection 2 at

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