All shirts of the KA-SIG and MCL Collection carry genuine python leather skin applications and therefore cannot be hand-washed or washed in the washing machine. We highly recommend to talk to your trusted laundry service and advise them only to apply professional dry cleaning. The garment may discolor due to the contact with water and the python leather skin may be damaged.

Please note that we will not accept return nor refund goods that have been washed or damaged due to wrong treatment of the good.

A statement on Sustainability

We value responsible and respectful sourcing and processing of all materials utilized in the process.

“The brand’s philosophy is to cherish the true craft of tailoring, utilizing and being resourceful with exclusive, yet sustainable materials in every aspect and throughout the entire process to then creating unique pieces with great focus on exclusivity and items being authentic to the customer.

The brand’s approach towards sustainability is not avoid materials but rather think about what it is made of, where it comes from, and with great emphasis on how and in what form and quantity it is made use of for each design. 

All manufacturing takes place in the EU with materials only being sourced from suppliers in the EU. This ensures compliance with garment certifications and regulations, labour rights and statutory minimum wages, animal rights and the Sustainability Pledge.

Real leather items used are underlying value chain regulations, i.e. all animals are being part of the food industry chain or are recycled vintage leathers. All leather is being fully used in the designs within a collection or incorporated in future collections to avoid unnecessary waste. Furthermore, to ensure that no leather is wasted, leather items are highly limited and/or are only made-to-order. 

We understand that to make a positive impact on fashion sustainability, and thus, an overall sustainability we need visibility along the value chain. Therefore, we are dedicated to traceability and transparency regarding our responsible practices, which goes beyond first tier.

Providing an exceptional wearing sensation and thereby vesting an exclusive experience for the customer by applying unique and high-quality resources in a respectful manner –that is true luxury fashion.”

All deliveries are made with delivery company UPS or Fedex. The orders are shipped from Germany to your delivery address. We will try to ship your order within 14 days to your address in the European Union. Delivery times may differ when shipping to countries outside the EU.

We run free shipping to all countries in the European Union. If you are from outside the EU, we charge a fee of 20 Euros for express delivery.

All shipments outside European Union may be subject to import charges.


If you want to return your good, you can do this within 14 days after receiving your good. Please send us an email to and with the reason why you wish to return your item and we will initialise the return. Please be advised, that we will not refund damaged goods, so please take care of the goods if you want to return them. Please see also the advice on cleaning and maintenance of KA products.

The return form will come with your order.

Please note that we have up to 30 days of time to complete the refund payment, starting from the day in which we receive your return.