Kolja Annussek Takes On NYC For His New Collection

Over the years, generations have witnessed the transformation of style and fashion, with fashion designers incorporating their ideals into collections each season; the results – unique, meaningful, and sometimes, groundbreaking.  Eponymous fashion line Kolja Annussek, rightfully named after its Founder and Designer, channels the visionary’s experience of his life into his capsule Season 2 Collection.

Raised in Europe, Kolja was enamored with the ins and outs of American culture. From the sporting industry to the hip-hop scene and eventually to fashion, there was a certain je nais se quois about these influences in America that he couldn’t seem to shake from his conscience. Fast forward several years, Kolja found himself in the grit of the finance industry, unfulfilled with its lack of creativity and the mundane lifestyle. He never forgot the influences from days past and the passion that lived inside of him yearning to be celebrated. On a whim, Kolja left his corporate job to pursue an entrepreneurial career for himself, and since then has never looked back.

Kolja Annussek first debuted in the fashion world with an innovative interpretation of modern streetwear. Aiming to create distinctive luxury pieces, he used exotic python leather as a core design accent to his premiere quality tops.  The result was a collection of 6 highly exclusive t-shirt designs. It is not only the quality of materials and unique designs that set the collection apart.  The attention to detail, craftsmanship, and better yet the sheer passion woven into each piece can be seen and felt in each garment alike. According to Kolja, the clothes he produces are not for everyone, they are for those who want to stand out, for those who appreciate the art of his story, and for those who believe in the power within themselves to go after what they are passionate about.

With the sensational success of the first collection, Kolja Annussek has channeled his energy into creating a second collection that continues to reflect his vision. In debuting Season 2, Kolja wants to be clear – this is not just any ordinary streetwear brand; this is couture-level streetwear. The ability to go beyond the average apparel on the market and introduce something special remains a pillar of the brand’s identity. Building on the design principles of his first collection, the latest assortment of garments are a bit edgier and fashion-forward. For the second collection, he was inspired by his old days as a semi-professional football player, what the American spirit means to him and how it had influenced and shaped him as a person.He chose to use elements from the nature of the football game, which can be seen in the block style letters and structured shoulders in key pieces of the collection. Further taking elements from the rugged essence of football and elevating them into a top-tier garment, full leather cargo pants and a cropped leather accented hoodie attract a distinct celebration of how Kolja marries the art of streetwear with an American influence. 

And where better to shoot the debut looks for the launch of the second collection than on the streets of NYC? For the next step in building his brand, Kolja traveled with fashion photographer Alessandro Amarante to New York City to shoot an editorial of his new collection with top models Damaris Barkley, Anastasia Kolganova and Allie Fosheim. Evolving from a collection of 6 t-shirts, the second collection makes a statement with entire outfits, including hoodies, pants, t-shirts as well as jackets and custom hardware.

Season 2 and its corresponding imagery represent a vision that has come full circle, which is expected to be dropped this winter at koljaannussek.com.

Via NY Weekly. Original article https://nyweekly.com/fashion/kolja-annussek-takes-on-nyc-for-his-new-collection/