KOLJA ANNUSSEK: From American Football to Luxury Streetwear


Burgeoning luxury apparel brand Kolja Annussek can be spotted on the most stylish patrons in cities around the world.  Its emblematic “KA” logo adorning many of the brand’s designs is both an inconspicuous symbol and a statement of the brand’s fierce presence. Although only a few years since its debut collection, Kolja Annussek has catapulted onto the fashion scene as a power player in streetwear. With forward-thinking, contemporary garments - the leather accented, python embroidered, and purely chic ensembles of Kolja’s collection speak to today’s modern consumer. But the real story of how Kolja Annussek came to be starts with the namesake’s small city roots, just the right influences, and big ambitions. 

Multifaceted personality, Mr. Annussek is anything but ordinary. Born and  raised in Germany, he grew up with a strong passion for sports, especially football and basketball. His love for basketball led him to explore American culture, music and art, including hip-hop/rap and  graffiti. After completing his school education, Mr. Annussek pursued his passion for football and played on a semi-pro level in the German Football League. He even won a championship during that time. After his experience with football, he pursued higher education and moved to the UK to complete his bachelor's and master's degrees in socio-economics and international business management and global financial management, respectively. After completing his studies, he started working in London in the field of mergers and acquisitions and later moved into private equity.

However, fate had other plans for Mr. Annussek. A family matter led him back to Germany, and it was during this time that he discovered his passion for fashion. It all started with a leather jacket with genuine python that he stumbled upon in Amsterdam. This is what Kolja shared was his “Ah ha!” moment; when he knew with certainty that his path was not destined for finance. The jacket inspired him to become a fashion designer, and he almost immediately started making prototypes for his debut collection, which is called the KA-SIG collection.

Mr. Annussek initiated the creation of prototypes and introduced his very first collection, the KA-SIG, in 2020. This exclusive collection comprises only 100 t-shirts, each of which is unique in its own way due to the authentic python leather embroidery, adding a distinctive touch to every piece. The manufacturing of these exceptional articles occurred entirely in Germany, with rigorous quality control measures in place for every aspect of the production process. Furthermore, Kolja Annussek offers a customization service upon request, including a tailored back finishing option for the KA-SIG-001 model. In doing so, the wearer can personalize the back of the shirt with their name embroidered in the genuine python patch.

The success of the first collection and the positive feedback received encouraged Kolja to take his entrepreneurial spirit to the next level, despite still working two jobs to fund the brand. Fashion has always been a way of self-expression, and this is what his brand is all about. In his second collection, he was inspired by his former years as a semi-professional football player and the impact of the American spirit on his life. He incorporated key elements from typical football attire, such as block-style letters and structured shoulders, into the collection's crucial pieces.

Mr. Annussek's decision to choose New York City as the location for his brand's campaign shooting was fitting for a collection and ideology that was inspired by the heart of the city. He deliberately chose this city to portray the influence that America had on him during his childhood and inspiration for the newest collection. He wanted to capture the essence of the city, its vibrancy, and the cultural diversity that he had experienced coupled with the contemporary styles of his latest garment designs.

In order to solidify his brand's reputation as a high-end streetwear label, Mr. Annussek has decided to relocate to the fashion capital of the world, Paris. Due to the high interest in his brand coming from the city ever since he started his brand, he has spent some time in the city and was surprised by the warm welcoming and positive feedback. Therefore, he believes that the city's rich fashion history and influence will further elevate his brand and allow it to reach its full potential. With a commitment to quality, creativity, and a deep understanding of the streetwear culture, Mr. Annussek is determined to make his brand a household name in the fashion industry.

Kolja Annussek is an entrepreneur who has successfully created a high-end streetwear brand that stands for unique, unconventional iconic fashion pieces combining a modern high fashion style with the roots of its founder in the streetwear and American sports culture. The brand’s philosophy is to cherish the true craft of tailoring, utilizing and being resourceful with exclusive, yet sustainable materials in every aspect and throughout the entire process to then creating unique pieces with great focus and commitment on exclusivity and items being authentic to the customer as well as making a positive impact on society makes the brand truly exceptional. It will be exciting to see what the future holds for Kolja Annussek and the eponymous brand.

Via Forbes France. Original article: https://www.forbes.fr/brandvoice/kolja-annussek-du-football-americain-au-streetwear-de-luxe/